Our Business Logistics activity starts from the handling and storage of raw materials, includes the pick-up from the end of production line, continues with the inter-operational phases of the product, the storage in shelving systems, the picking up and transport to the loading dock and the subsequent loading of the vehicle. The fundamental difference, compared to other operators in the sector, lies in the method used: Logimat performs a customized preventive study, and therefore unique for the customer, on the procedures of the processing phases, on the management and planning of the logistic flows.

The purpose is

  • making the service more productive and cost-effective;
  • ensuring a high level of security;
  • producing a good economic return for the final customer.

Logimat also studies and plans the feasibility of logistics by supplying machinery and equipment of ownership and provides the necessary technical assistance.

Thanks to the constant research of the most innovative technologies and the compliance with the highest quality standards, we are able to offer our customers always up-to-date logistics solutions and a full range of services for business logistics.