It is a dynamic storage system consisting of a compact shelving plant with continuous pallet support rails (such as the Drive-in) and with sliding rails for the shuttle placed under the pallet guides.

In this system a shuttle is used on average for each 2000 pallets of accumulation. The shuttles are moved and positioned in the appropriate tunnels by retractable trucks, stacker cranes and similar applications. The shuttles pick up and place the pallets at the end of the guide in absolute autonomy, in order to allow the collection of the pallets from the external system.

Features of use:

  • missions at maximum performance;
  • optimization of space and surfaces;
  • necessity of storage Lifo (last in-first out) and Fifo (first in-first out), even together;
  • productivity at the height of its performance;
  • storage of pallets of various sizes usable in the same shelving system;
  • elimination of passive lanes;
  • very high filling coefficient;
  • semi-automatic or automatic load shift.